Another Two-Book Minimum is up!

Author Sean Ferrell sits down with Dan to talk about his sci-fi/noir novel, Man in the Empty Suit. Comedian Sean Crespo (Bravo’s No Prior Knowledge, Onion News Network) interjects that he has no taste in movies before the conversation turns into trippy reflections on time travel. It’s like Cosmos without all the “facts.” Enjoy!

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Anonymous Asked:

Can you review this weeks edition of pent house?

I mean…I’ll “review” it. I don’t know if I’ll post an opinion about it afterward though.


“The difference between good writing and bad writing is ‘did the author do what he set up to do?’ You can’t say ‘this is a novel about my first love and by the end you’re going to be heartbroken’ then none of that comes out of the book. And I’m not talking about a book that was structured that way on purpose, but a writer not doing his work! If a book gets published, an editor looked at it and plucked out specific paragraphs that didn’t fit in the novel…There are cracks in something other people deem perfect… If there’s a level of perfection to strive for, there’s also laziness and garbage material. You know the level of perfection you want to reach, and if that’s true then there must also be bad art.”

Pieces of Dan’s rant on criticism from the Two-Book Minimum podcast with Jeremy P. Bushnell.

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On this week’s Two-Book Minimum podcast I sit down with comedian Sue Smith (Vh1’s Best Week Ever) and Jeremy P. Bushnell (author of The Weirdness) to discuss the Devil, Unitarians, which car philanderers drive,  how to mess with first-year college students, and God’s intentions. Strangely, the conversation only gets heated when everyone starts talking about literary criticism. I eventually make a point.

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Anonymous Asked:

What about "The Red Pony"


This one is from Matthew Goldman


Happy Birthday, John Steinbeck!

See more on Better Book Titles.


It’s the best episode of Two-Book Minimum yet!

I sit down with author/comedian Baratunde Thurston to talk about his book, How To Be Black. Joined by the great Marcus Parks (the producer of this very podcast), I ask a few huge questions about race and Baratunde (sometimes) assures me I’m not a terrible person. We talk about all-black lunch tables, what words you shouldn’t use, and…of course, Delilah. Basically, we solve every problem concerning inequality in under an hour (not really).

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