Anonymous Asked:

what is the better book title for farewell to arms by Hemingway?

I don’t have one! How about:

"47 Endings and He Chose This One???"

Anyone else have a good one for this book?


cubandancer90 Asked:

I would like to write a best-seller. However, I want to write something that's actually GOOD and the two don't often go together. Do you understand? Btw, only leave pieces of your soul in indestructible objects.

You most certainly CAN write something good that attracts a wide audience. You should never try to merely mimic the taste of a large group of people (that will look derivative or worse, like you’re pandering) but you can write super-entertaining fiction that is also true to your voice I think. And yes. That is the important lesson from Harry Potter!


All the Stephen King books on Better Book Titles

New reader submissions by Kyle Maddock and Alana Muir.

(from left to right: Insomnia, Dreamcatcher, Carrie, Christine, 11/22/63, Different Seasons, It, It (take #2)).


Anonymous Asked:

I was just wondering why the books that were on the banned books list are banned? I've read like half of them.... they can't be THAT banned...

Yeah, that’s because you and I live in places that aren’t awful. Mostly I picked books banned by schools (if they look like required reading to you). I also had this list to work with: