Who I Am

Dan Wilbur

I write “smart” comedy. It’s not boring or over anyone’s head. “Smart” comedy doesn’t mean fancy words or big, philosophical points. It just means that unlike other comics my age, I don’t constantly talk about porn. That’s really it. I talk about subjects like: trying to be a good husband, BBC’s Life, bookstores, video games, Netflix, my body image, my family, and, of course, porn. Even smart people still like porn.
Dan Wilbur

What I Do

BA in Classics and Creative Writing

I’ve been doing stand-up for over ten years. In that time I’ve also written for College HumorMcSweeney’sThe Onion News Network on IFC, Someecards (where I was a writer and the Ecards Editor), TL;DR WikipediaReader’s Digest, and a couple web series you’ve never heard of that paid me with checks that said, verbatim: “Cheese Jokes.” I also was an “Adjunct Scholar” for Lapham’s Quarterly, created the Better Book Titles blog and wrote my own humor book for Penguin in 2012 called How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life.