Every Generation Cancels Norman Mailer For Its Own Reasons

Below is an original funny piece from Better Book Titles contributor Jay Welch.

In case you hadn’t heard the news about Norman Mailer:

“With slow-mo hammer-dropping predictability, Norman Mailer’s long-time publisher has recently informed the Mailer family that it has canceled plans to publish a collection of his political writings to mark the centennial of his birth in 2023… The back-door apologies at Random House include as the proximate cause: a junior staffer’s objection to the title of Mailer’s 1957 essay, “The White Negro”…” -Michael Wolff, The Ankler

Every Generation Cancels Norman Mailer For Its Own Reasons

by Jay Welch

Gen Z: Racial Insensitivity

Young Millennials: Sheer Book Length

Old Millennials: In a Post 9/11 World, His Participation in the 1967 Anti-War Attempt to Levitate the Pentagon No Longer Seemed “Harmless”

Gen X: Pompous Blowhard

Boomers: Wife-Stabbing

Silent Generation: Fondness for Muhammad Ali

Greatest Generation: Kept Bringing Up WW2 Trauma They Wanted To Repress, Thank You Very Much

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