People Roast Ashley Tisdale For Using 400 Random Books As Decor

Why buy books if you can’t show them off on your shelves? If you’re simply trying to read more, you might as well go to the library and then return whatever you read as soon as you finish it. Frankly, reading books without telling people you read books is a fool’s errand. You have to flaunt it. Unfortunately, not all curated shelves are alike, as actress and singer Ashley Tisdale discovered after her interview with Architectural Digest.

While giving a tour of the Los Angeles home she designed herself, she revealed that she didn’t have enough books to fill the built-in shelves. In a viral tweet about the moment, writer Sarah Caldwell captured the breathtaking moment:


In Tisdale’s defense, you buy books because they look nicer on shelves than whatever tchotchkes and action figures most people put up there to fill space. Just because someone hasn’t been hoarding a TBR pile as long as you have doesn’t make them a dumb person.

Buying completely random books that you’ll never read, however, is kind of silly and a waste of money. Well, what are you gonna do? Oh, I know! Tweet about it! While the original tweet seemed somewhat judgmental, many people pointed out there are worse things you can do with your money than buy books.

Here’s how people reacted to Ashley Tisdale buying 400 random books as decor for her home:

1. On the bright side, she’s supporting the literary economy.

2. Seriously, what’s your problem everyone?

3. Others don’t really care but appreciate the honesty.

4. Everybody’s a critic.

5. You know who you are.

6. Many overlooked the reason people thought this was silly and said “relationship goals!”

7. An evergreen meme for some.

8. Hot tip if you’re trying to do this yourself!

9. What about the dudes who do this with worse media? I have 700 copies of Speed on VHS.

10. Now we know who…

11. Some people are bored enough to look at the titles.

12. In her defense, regular people also don’t know how to fill their shelves.

13. The rich are different.

14. Tough Venn Diagram to be in the middle of.

15. How dare anyone come into your house and ask this??

16. Good one. LOL.

17. Wow. Tell us how your really feel.

18. Yes! Good for her!

19. On the other hand, the gap between super-rich people and people who want more books continues to widen.

20. The most bored person in the comments.


Ashley Tisdale did take the time to defend her choice. Good for her. She has a lot more space to fill than most.

Personally, I think she did a great job. What do you think?

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