So You’ve Decided To Read That Book In Public (50 Pics)

Reading on public transit is sacred and we should respect people who do it. Honestly, though, you’re still in public. People can see what you’re reading and judge accordingly. Also, it’s not a library. You can’t be upset when people are talking. Or staring.

Frankly, people have decided that everywhere is their living room. Mostly, I notice it at the airport. I haven’t been to an airport, however, in 3 years. It’s hard to remember how much people treated every surface like a couch. Now, the public space that people treat like home is the subway.

That’s where Subway Creatures comes in. The account collected the strangest, scariest, and funniest moments caught on public transit. Occasionally, they post about what people were caught reading on the train.

The results… may terrify you. Honestly, read whatever you want. But don’t be surprised when you hold out a book that says “F***” on the cover that people are taking a look. Or a photo.

Here are the funniest and strangest book titles people were caught reading on public transit:

1. That book looks thick. Are there more than 3??

2. A good question. I will buy this book now.

3. She nailed it.

4. Still am. But I used to be too.

5. He’s got it down, except he’s also listening to a podcast.

6. Go on…

7. Someone please let me know!

8. We’re all doing it.

9. Sounds interesting. Tell me more.

10. Do it. I dare you.

11. We should all read it, dudes.

12. Same.

13. What?

14. Seeing this book is one.

15. They’re not an enemy combatant, dude.

16. Can’t look away from the title.

17. It rules everything around me.

18. The only thought I have on the MTA.

19. Best theme park?

20. Important reminder.

21. Conversation starter!!

22. All the time.

23. Sure.

24. They’re zoo animals now?

25. Maybe one for the home library.

26. Still learning.

27. Phelps wants in.

28. A unicorn, to be sure.

29. Now we’re talking.

30. Do they ever sext back?

31. Reading the psalms on the subway.

32. A day.

33. Good question. Happy you’re editing this manuscript in public.

34. The most important read, I’d say.

35. Very sad.

36. Learning about yourself.

37. Putting the ‘G’ in Goodreads.

38. They go hand in hand.

39. Quite a skill.

40. Is there any other kind?

41. They go together like spaghetti and meatballs.

42. You said it.

43. Yes.

44. Learning on the go!

45. Good reminder. Thank you.

46. Everyone needs this on the subway.

47. Excuse me?

48. Luckily, he took the jacket off so no one knows.

49. Hail Satan!

h/t Subway Creatures

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