25 Funny Pulitzer-Worthy Tweets From This Week

25 Funny Pulitzer-Worthy Tweets From This Week

Yes, we all love books here. In fact, you should probably be reading one instead of this website, but come on. You’re on the toilet or the subway right now. That’s no time for mind-expanding fiction.

Sometimes, you want to unwind with a few funny short jokes. Thankfully, that’s really all anyone is posting on Twitter these days (unless you count all the un-Democratic misinformation. There’s always room for that on social media.).

Not everyone is built to write the next great American novel. Some people like to fit their genius ideas into a tweet under 240 characters. That’s good for everyone. We don’t always have the attention span for a long, drawn-out essay about our first sexual experience or a reflection on the pervasive ennui that affects all novelists. None of these people have the attention span to write anything longer, I promise you.

Unless we’re counting a half-hour comedy spec script. Many of the people below have a ton of those. For now, let’s read the funny tweets that deserve a Pulitzer.

Here are the funniest tweets I had time to find this week:

1. Fun Fact:

2. Amazing if true.

3. Same.

4. Well, well, well.

5. I will never sing it the same way again.

6. Sounds like a plan.

7. We’ve all felt the urge.

8. Glory Days.


9. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!






15. I think we all know what she’s referencing.





20. The funniest Twitter thread I’ve seen in a while. Orson Welles reviewing everything.




24. I think about it every day.

25. Important PSA!

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