Seinfeld voice: I don’t really get the whole “writing a book” thing. I mean, the most important books are short, and the long ones are too intimidating to finish. Why don’t these writers save us both some time and write some shorter books?

Instead of reading all these make-em-ups by old dead guys, I recently picked up Jerry Seinfeld’s Is This Anything? and I absolutely loved it. I started talking like him. I started thinking like him. It’s a curse! A curse, Jerry!

Thankfully, I was able to share my opinion of the book on Goodreads shortly after I finished reading the book. I had to post it on Goodreads because that’s the only reason to read these days: to prove to other people that you’re at least trying to improve yourself. And you can’t prove it to your friends and family without posting your successes online to a bunch of strangers.

It’s the way the world is now.

If you haven’t seen the book out in the world, be on the lookout for this cover:

Jerry Seinfeld is this anything book cover
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Here’s how my mind processed the book. It’s a quick read. That’s why I think you’ll like it.

A funny Goodreads review of Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Is This Anything?’ written in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice:


Jerry seinfeld funny review



Here’s the original tweet, if you’re interested:

That’s it!

Eh…? Is that anything?

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