Where can I see Dan?

Dan Wilbur is a 10.  That is, a 10 after adding up his three best features: Physique (3), Face (5), Personality (2). 

Dan is a comedian, writer, and avid video game player living in Brooklyn, NY.  He only eats fast food on weekends and occasionally exercises by accident (police, fire).  He has read nearly half of nearly half of all the books he owns.

If you like Dan, even a little, it’s probably because you’ve seen his writing or you’re his parents.  His writing is featured on Collegehumor.com, McSweeney’s, the Onion News Network. Dan is the creator and editor of Better Book Titles. His first humor book "How Not to Read" is available now from Perigee (Penguin).

Upcoming shows:

Every Thursday @ 7:00 PM, see me co-host a terrific stand-up show called “Lasers in the Jungle” at UCB East. $5

Two-Book Minimum at Community Bookstore. Every last Friday of the month @ 9:30 PM. Comedian-writers doing stand-up in a beautiful bookstore! Free beer! Funny people!

If you’re in or around NYC and want to see some stand-up, you can check here.