Episode 5 of Two-Book Minimum is up!

J. Courtney Sullivan (author of Maine and The Engagements) sits down with me to talk about marriage, divorce, dating and big Catholic families. She attempts to convince Marcus, me, and our special comedian guest Jon Fisch (Letterman, Comedy Central) to get married. We also spend a lot of time on Tinder together. Enjoy!

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Brett Martin (author of Difficult Men) joins Dan, Marcus, and comedian George Gordon to talk about…what else? Good TV. Difficult Men follows showrunners of The Sopranos, The Wire, and Breaking Bad. It’s the best book there is because it encourages you to watch more TV instead of read! Enjoy!

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Dan, Marcus, and comedian Robert Dean sit down with author Maxwell Neely-Cohen to talk about his first novel, Echo of the Boom. While attempting to discuss a book about the horrors of teen dating, the end of the world, the Book of Revelations, and video games, all the guests take time to discuss conspiracy theories and what they would do if they were the dictator of an entire country. Enjoy!

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The Two-Book Minimum podcast is back!

Mike Sacks (author of Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers) teaches Dan how to properly interview someone before getting into a serious discussion about serial killers with Marcus. Comedian Katina Corrao tries to lighten the mood.

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